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03 April, 2012

Bersih 3.0 will happen this month

KUALA LUMPUR, April 3 — Bersih is expected to announce the date of its third rally for free and fair elections tomorrow, which sources within the election watchdog group say may take place at the end of the month.

A Bersih steering committee member, who did not wish be named, told The Malaysian Insider that details of “Bersih 3.0” will be revealed at a press conference at the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH) here.

The member would not divulge further information but Internet reports have already marked April 28 as the likely date for the coming rally, and Dataran Merdeka as the chosen venue.

Another Bersih source would neither confirm nor deny the rumours, but admitted yesterday the group has plans in the pipeline to push for greater electoral reforms.

This, said the source, comes on the back of the government-mooted Parliamentary Select Committee’s (PSC) alleged failure to resolve key issues and pander to Bersih’s earlier demands ahead of the coming polls.

The source said more damning evidence of electoral fraud have also been uncovered, leading to the belief that the PSC could have merely been a whitewash by the Najib administration to appear sincere in its pledge for reforms.

“We have found more evidence of electoral fraud and this leads to the question on whether the entire PSC itself was just a cover-up.

“On the walk (rally), you can say I am neither confirming (the date) nor denying,

“But I can say for certain that the evidence of fraud is very, very outrageous,” said the source.

The bipartisan nine-member PSC was mooted by Datuk Seri Najib Razak last year, months after his administration earned widespread criticisms over its handling of Bersih’s second rally for free and fair elections on July 9.

After six months of meetings, discussions and a fact-finding mission abroad, the panel prepared a 22-point final report and distributed it to federal lawmakers in Parliament yesterday.

Debate on the report is scheduled for 11.30am today but already, Pakatan Rakyat (PR) lawmakers have expressed disappointment in the panel’s findings and reform recommendations.

Among others, the three PR members in the PSC have, since last week, been complaining that the panel had failed to address fundamental issues to ensure a clean and fair election process, particularly the Election Commission’s (EC) alleged lack of commitment to clean the electoral roll.

The EC, PR members have repeatedly pointed out, had recently admitted to the existence of 42,000 questionable voters in the roll but had not moved to address the problem.

Additionally, they noted that the commission had also failed to moot a workable method to allow overseas voting for all Malaysians, despite being urged to do so in the PSC’s interim report released last December.

Bersih chairman Datuk S. Ambiga had on March 18 warned Putrajaya of a potential “Bersih 3.0” rally, pointing to lagging polls reforms and reports of a sudden surge of voters in some parliamentary constituencies.

“Looking at the way things are going now, we may have no choice. Do not rule out Bersih 3.0,” Ambiga had told The Malaysian Insider.

“If the government is not serious about electoral reform the public will have to make itself heard,” she said.

PR leaders subsequently declared their support for the rally should the government fail to fulfil its pledges for meaningful electoral reforms before polls are called.

Thousands of Malaysians took to the streets on July 9 to join Bersih 2.0’s rally for free and fair elections but the protest turned ugly at midday when riot police launched tear gas canisters and water cannons to disperse participants.

The widespread clampdown, which saw more than 1,000 people arrested even before the rally, earned the Najib administration a whiplashing in the international media.

Under pressure, the government had then promised a slew of reform measures, which included the formation of the PSC and the enactment of the highly-criticised Peaceful Assembly Act last year.-TMI

Student activist Adam Adli punched at Kg Kerinchi

A negotiation session this morning between PKNS Kampung Kerinchi residents and the authorities was disrupted when a student activist was attacked.

According to a male eyewitness, believed to be a resident, student Adam Adli was punched while he was at the four-storey low-cost apartment block that has been slated for demolition.

Adam ( right ) and fellow student activist Ekhsan Bukhari were reportedly inspecting the premises when the incident took place.

The student activist, who had previously courted controversy for lowering a banner of Umno chief Najib Razak during a student rally at Umno headquarters, suffered injuries to his face.

When contacted by Malaysiakini , Adam confirmed that he had been attacked and suffered injuries, and was lodging a police report at the Jalan Pantai Baru police station.

Met later, he said students were approached by residents yesterday and were asked to support their cause to delay the demolition, so he and fellow students went to monitor the situation.

“We sat on the sidelines and did not interfere because the issue is still unclear. We just watched to see what would happen,” he said.

However, while leaving one of the flats where occupants were being evicted by Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) officers, he was confronted by a group that had gathered to support the demolition.

Adam said he was attacked twice, but he is unsure whether he was injured in the second attack as he was already dazed from the first one.

He was injured in the left eye, cheek and lips, and his eye was still red and swollen when met about two hours after the incident.

'Police stood by'

He added that only the residents tried to intervene while police stood by, and he was taken to the police station by an aide to Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar.

Meanwhile, his companion Ekhsan Bukharee was taken to the same police station by a patrol car for about an hour, supposedly for his own safety. He said his details were recorded but no statement was taken from him.

“During the hour, I just sat there,” he said, and expressed regret that those involved in the attack were not arrested.

About 20 police officers on site, including at least six Light Strike Force officers, moved in to form a line separating two opposing groups of residents shortly after the scuffle.

After speaking to reporters, Adam went to the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre for treatment.   
34 families being evicted under land law 

The NGO Pihak Persatuan Masyarakat Selangor dan Wilayah Persekutuan (Permas) had invited the media to Kampung Kerinchi this morning to highlight the plight of 34 families who are being evicted by developers and the Land Office in accordance with the Land Acquisition Act 1960.

However, during the outdoor press conference by Kampung Kerinchi Action Committee member Mohd Idros Tokiran, Permas chairperson Tan Jo Hann ( left ), and Nurul, a group of about 70 gathered about 30 metres away in support of the demolition.

The group, led by Kampung Kerinchi Flat Resident’s Association chairperson Ahmad Rahman, claimed to represent 443 families of former residents who had already moved out.

They accused the 34 families of stalling development of the area many times over two years, and claimed they were unable to obtain promised new houses as a result.

Ahmad said that the developer, Suez Domain Sdn Bhd, had relocated the residents to temporary government housing at PPR Muhibah and PPR Cempaka at no cost to them, and were promised 882 square feet units with amenities in Kampung Kerinchi once the development is complete, compared to the about 410 square feet per unit on the soon-to-be-demolished flats.

“We have legal channels. You want a higher compensation, go to court. They have already filed the case in court, so get out.

“They have already taken the RM73,000 compensation, but they still don’t want to move. For us who have already moved, are we supposed to wait longer for this project?” said Ahmad, prior to the scuffle.

However, Mohd Idros ( centre in photo ) said that they were not against development but wanted more time to arrange for the move, because the two-week eviction notice was too short.

They were supposed to vacate by 9.30am this morning.

“How are we supposed to move in two weeks? We also have kids who will be sitting for SPM this year,” said Mohd Idros.

One-week reprieve

They want a July 1 deadline instead, but were only to obtain a one-week reprieve after negotiating with DBKL and Federal Territory Land and Menerals Department officials who had come to enforce the eviction and start demolition. The residents intend to continue negotiations for the new deadline.

Mohd Idros also said besides not being given the keys to their new houses, they found out that their records were missing from DBKL’s database when they went to pay their April rent, despite the developer having paid for the March rent on their behalf and giving City Hall’s receipts to the residents.

“Therefore we are afraid to move because we are worried that some sort of deceit is going on,” he said.

While at the flats, Malaysiakini also met business owners operating from shophouses at the flats.
Kampung Kerinchi Flats Shop Houses Committee chairperson Rosli Ahmad said that nine of the 10 shophouses in the area had been renting their premises for about 20 years.

When told to move, he said that the shophouses renters were offered to rent either a public housing lot, or a temporary stall, but not both.

On the other hand, he alleged that squatters operating business were given both.

Rosli said stalls are not suitable for his contracting office, while fellow committee member Ismail Ma’on, who runs a shoe and clothes repair shop, complained that his new home on the 16th floor of a flat was not conducive for business.

Ismail also said he would have to abandon some of his stock if forced to move, because there is not enough room at his home.- Penipukini

AC kata : Negara Malaysia tidak rugi apa-apa tanpa si Adam Adli ini.


Iklim politik pasca PRU 2008 menunjukkan betapa Pakatan Rakyat begitu rakus melanggar batas-batas kehidupan kenegaraan Malaysia yang berlandaskan Perlembagaan Persekutuan. Mereka ibarat mahu memansuhkan apa saja teras negara-bangsa yang dibina oleh kerajaan BN selama ini.

Kemenangan menawan 5 negeri (Perak jatuh semula kpd BN) bagaikan mencetus gegak-gempita kepada Pakatan Rakyat yang berlagak seolah-olah mereka telah menawan seluruh Malaysia. Dasar-dasar yang membantu kaum Melayu dan bumiputera seperti DEB dan Perkara 153 Perlembagaan Persekutuan telah diserang dari pelbagai sudut.

Mereka mempunyai niat tersembunyi untuk menukar sistem kenegaraan Malaysia y
ang ada hari ini kepada sistem republik yang menghapuskan kuasa Raja-Raja Melayu. Mereka juga (DAP) ingin menjadikan negara ini didominasikan oleh kaum Cina dalam semua bidang khususnya politik.

Yang paling malangnya ialah perjuangan tersebut didokong pula oleh orang Melayu sendiri y
ang tidak lagi mempunyai semangat cintakan perjuangan bangsa dan agama. Oleh kerana dendam kesumat, mereka sanggup dipergunakan oleh puak kafir harbi untuk menghancurkan musuh mereka yang juga merupakan saudara seagama mereka. 

PAS sebagai parti y
ang memperjuangkan penubuhan negara Islam sebelum ini sanggup menggadaikan prinsip-prinsip perjuangan mereka demi mencari keuntungan politik yang akhirnya akan merugikan bangsa Melayu juga. PAS yang dulu adalah sebuah parti yang ada identiti berbanding PAS masa kini yang bagaikan kehilangan arah tuju. Mereka bagaikan tiada matlamat perjuangan. Mereka hanya ingin menjatuhkan UMNO yang dianggap musuh dulu, kini dan selamanya. Asalkan dapat menumbangkan UMNO sudah cukup memuaskan hati mereka. Jadi berlakulah perkahwinan kontrak antara PAS dengan PKR n DAP yang tak tau bila kesudahan kisah cinta mereka.

PKR sebagai sebuah parti serpihan UMNO dilihat tidak mempunyai idealisme perjuangan. Objektif  parti tersebut hanya ingin memperjuangkan impian Anwar Ibrahim y
ang terlalu kemaruk jawatan Perdana Menteri. Nasib rakyat tiada dalam kamus politik mereka. Mereka sebuah parti yang dikelilingi masalah moral (masalah liwat dan seks Anwar Ibrahim) dan ketidakmampuan dalam mentadbir. Perjuangan membela nasib Islam dan Melayu juga amat jauh daripada parti ini, malah cuba menyerang pula dasar-dasar negara yang menguntungkan Melayu dan bumiputera.

PAS & PKR kedua-duanya adalah parti yang ditunjangi majoriti orang Melayu. Namun begitu, mereka tiada jiwa untuk mempertahankan hak-hak bangsa. Apa yang kita lihat sekarang, mereka bagaikan dipergunakan oleh DAP untuk menjajah negara ini. DAP tidak akan mampu menakluk negara ini bersendirian. Tetapi apabila mereka dibantu oleh proksi dari golongan kaum peribumi sendiri, hasrat yang sebelum ini dikatakan mustahil itu bakal menjadi kenyataan.

DAP telah banyak kali mengguris hati orang Melayu. Sebenarnya mereka telah lama merancang untuk menakluk negara ini. Peristiwa 13 Mei 1969 adalah percubaan mereka untuk menjatuhkan dominasi Melayu di singgahsana politik negara ini. Tetapi Allah Maha Besar. Melayu Islam terselamat dalam konspirasi jahat tersebut. Tetapi kegagalan tersebut sama sekali tidak melemahkan semangat mereka. Mereka akan terus mencari titik-titik kelemahan orang Melayu yang boleh dimanipulasikan bagi menjatuhkan Melayu.

Peluang itu terhidang kini. PRU 2008 merupakan peluang besar y
ang telah lama dinanti-nantikan DAP untuk mengubah hala tuju negara ini. Kejayaan paling besar PRU 2008 itu ialah perpecahan orang Melayu yang semakin kronik. Melayu tidak mampu lagi mempertahankan serangan yang ditujukan kepada mereka kerana keadaan mereka kini tersangat lemah. UMNO juga berseorangan dalam kerajaan untuk terus memperjuangkan hak-hak Melayu.

DAP semakin yakin dapat mentadbir Malaysia pada PRU ke 13 nanti. Kejayaan dalam PRN Sarawak baru-baru ini telah membuktikan keazaman mereka itu. Mereka semakin angkuh. Mereka semakin menunjukkan sikap ultra kiasu mereka. Bagi mereka Melayu telah hampir di penghujung kuasa. Sekarang adalah masa Malaysia didominasi oleh kaum Cina pula.

Mereka tidak perlu risau untuk mendapat sokongan orang Melayu. Proksi mereka PAS & PKR bila-bila masa saja bersedia menghambakan diri untuk melaksanakan setiap perintah mereka. Selagi Melayu terus berpecah, selagi Cina terus menyokong mereka dan selagi Melayu tidak bersatu padu tiada apa yang boleh menghalang kemaraan mereka.

Jadi macamana kita boleh menghalang DAP dari mencapai matlamat keji mereka?

Jawapannya mudah saja. Apabila menjelang PRU ke 13 nanti, tetapkan diri anda dan maklumkan kepada kaum keluarga serta sahabat handai anda yg masih mempunyai sedikit rasa sayang kepada agama dan bangsa supaya tidak sama sekali mengundi parti PAS & PKR (jika kawasan mengundi anda itu ada calon dari parti tersebut). Ini kerana satu undi kepada PAS & PKR bermaksud anda telah memilih DAP untuk menguasai negara ini dan memastikan kaum Cina akan menguasai jawatan Perdana Menteri Malaysia nanti.

Adakah itu yg anda inginkan? Cuba kenangkan untung nasib generasi kita nanti jika kita salah membuat pilihan. Dalam Islam kita boleh memilih satu daripada dua kemudaratan iaitu kemudaratan yg ringan. Tanamkan dalam diri anda bahawa musuh Islam dan Melayu kini dan selamanya adalah DAPJika kita memilih DAP, samalah seperti kita menggadai maruah kita. Jika kita memilih DAP, samalah seperti kita menyerahkan negara ini kepada kaum pendatang.
Jarum_emas group

Dewan kecoh: 22 syor PSC dilulus tanpa dibahas

KUALA LUMPUR 3 April – Dewan Rakyat hari ini meluluskan kesemua 22 syor yang dikemukakan Jawatankuasa Pilihan Khas Parlimen (PSC) Berhubung Penambahbaikan Proses Pilihan Raya tanpa dibahaskan. 

Keputusan berkenaan dibuat Yang Dipertua Dewan Rakyat, Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia pada pukul 3 petang selepas usaha menenangkan kesemua ahli Parlimen kerajaan dan pembangkang gagal.

Beliau telah mengarahkan tiga Ahli Parlimen pembangkang iaitu Azmin Ali (PKR-Gombak), R.Sivarasa (PKR-Subang) dan Dr. Dzulkefly Ahmad (Pas-Kuala Selangor) keluar dewan kerana terus mempertikaikan keputusan beliau menolak usul Loke Siew Fook (DAP-Rasah) untuk membenarkan laporan minoriti dilampirkan di dalam laporan akhir jawatankuasa itu. 

Ketiga-tiga wakil rakyat itu diarahkan keluar kerana melanggar Peraturan Mesyuarat 42 yang meminta supaya Ahli Parlimen diam ketika Speaker bercakap.

"Di bawah Peraturan Mesyuarat 43, keputusan Speaker tidak boleh dipersoalkan. Di bawah Peraturan Mesyuarat 44, saya dengar tadi disebut oleh Yang Berhormat Kangar (Datuk Seri Mohd Radzi Syeikh Ahmad) yang ingkar dan melengahkan majlis supaya diambil tindakan. 

"Di atas sebab itu saya dengan ini mengarahkan Gombak, Subang dan Kuala Selangor keluar,” kata Pandikar Amin dengan tegas.

Tindakan berkenaan menimbulkan kemarahan ahli pembangkang termasuk ketuanya, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (PKR-Permatang Pauh) yang cuba mempertahankan anak buahnya dan meminta Pandikar Amin menarik balik arahan itu.

Bagaimanapun, Speaker tetap berkeras dengan arahannya sekaligus mengundang kemarahan pembangkang yang meminta beliau meninggalkan kerusi, ditambah dengan ejekan anggota penyokong kerajaan yang meminta semua pembangkang keluar dewan. 

"Memandangkan bahawa Ahli Yang Berhomat daripada pembangkang tidak berniat untuk membahaskan usul ini, dengan adanya kuasa pada Speaker, saya mengemukakan usul kepada majlis untuk diputuskan.

"Masalahnya ialah bahawa usul Yang Berhormat Menteri Sains, Teknologi dan Inovasi yang juga sebagai Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Pilihan Khas Berhubung Penambahbaikan Proses Pilihan Raya, usul mengikut peraturan mesyuarat 86(5) seperti yang tertera hendaklah dipersetujukan,” tegas beliau.

Dalam suasana kecoh itu, usul berkenaan mendapat sorakan ”setuju” yang kuat daripada ahli penyokong kerajaan, namun Pandikar Amin masih memberi peluang kepada pembangkang untuk membuat undi belah bahagian.

Bagaimanapun, pembangkang enggan berbuat demikian dan memaksa keputusan diluluskan tanpa dibahaskan oleh Speaker mengikut suara majoriti.

"Kalau mahu belah bahagian, bagi tahu. Kalau tidak, bagi saya keputusan telah tercapai. Usul dipersetujui,” katanya dan terus mengumumkan penangguhan persidangan Dewan Rakyat untuk bersambung esok. - BERNAMA


Di atas ini adalah kenyataan Lim Guan Eng yang ternyata masuk bakul angkat sendiri. Bagaimana pula dengan berita kes tembak ala mafia di bawah. Terbaru, kejadian tembak ala mafia awal pagi hari ini di Rantau Panjang.

Peniaga ditembak di simpang lampu isyarat23/03/2012 7:09pm

KOTA BHARU – Seorang peniaga pasar malam cedera di paha kanan akibat ditembak di persimpangan lampu isyarat berhampiran pintu masuk Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM), Kubang Kerian di sini hari ini.

Hassan Mat Ali, 40, ditembak dari jarak dekat oleh seorang lelaki yang menaiki motosikal dan dia yang kini dirawat di HUSM di lapor stabil.

Ketua Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Kelantan, ACP Loi Yong Heng berkata, dalam kejadian pada pukul 1.45 petang itu, mangsa dan adik perempuannya dalam perjalanan untuk berniaga di pasar malam Wakaf Che Yeh di sini.

"Ketika kejadian, van yang dipandu oleh mangsa berhenti di persimpangan lampu isyarat itu. Adik perempuan mangsa yang berada di tempat duduk penumpang hadapan tidak terkena tembakan itu.

"Terdapat empat kesan tembakan pada paha mangsa,” katanya kepada pemberita ketika ditemui di wad kecemasan HUSM di sini.

Beliau berkata, polis kini menjalankan siasatan menyeluruh mengenai kejadian itu. – BERNAMA

RANTAU PANJANG 3 April – Seorang pemuda maut manakala rakannya cedera di tangan selepas ditembak dua lelaki yang menaiki motosikal di Jalan Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina Rantau Panjang di sini kira-kira pukul 11.15 pagi tadi.

Ketika kejadian mangsa, Mohamad Nazuri Mohd. Zain, 24, dan rakannya, Muhammad Sazuazi Saufi, 27, menaiki kereta jenis Proton Wira menuju ke arah pekan ini dan sebaik tiba di tempat kejadian, dua suspek yang menunggang sebuah motosikal memotong di sebelah kiri dan melepaskan beberapa das tembakan. 

Ketua Polis Kelantan, Datuk Jalaluddin Abdul Rahman berkata, mangsa meninggal dunia akibat terkena dua das tembakan di rahang dan dada kiri. 

"Berdasarkan maklumat awal, suspek telah melepaskan beberapa das tembakan dan terkena mangsa yang duduk di tempat duduk penumpang hadapan. 

"Rakan mangsa kemudian memandu kereta tersebut dan berhenti di hadapan gerai menjual mi milik ibu mangsa. Selepas itu orang ramai telah menghubungi polis untuk memaklumkan penemuan mayat mangsa," katanya kepada pemberita di sini, hari ini. - UTUSAN

Dedah Video Murtad Hanya Isu Kecil - PAS

Kecik konon! Betul-betul Yahudi PAS ni. Masa kat Lunas dulu.. tanya kat Saiful Nasution dulu apa depa huru-harakan pasal kes muratd kat Lunas sampai 10,000 orang dulu? Bila mintak bukti mendungu pulak mamat tu. Sekarang bukti depa mata Hassan Ali dah siarkan, boleh PAS kata kecik je?? ish.. ish.. ish.. 

SHAH ALAM 2 APR : Pesuruhjaya PAS Selangor, Dr Abd Rani Osman menyifatkan tindakan bekas Exco Selangor Datuk Hasan Ali yang akan mendedahkan video cubaan memurtadkan umat Islam dinegeri itu hari ini, sebagai sesuatu yang kecil dan tidak perlu dilayan.

Menurutnya, banyak lagi isu yang lebih besar perlu diberi tumpuan seperti dakwaan wujudnya pengundi hantu dan rasuah.

AC kata: Ternyata, hal agama telah dikemudiankan oleh puak pemimpin pakatan haram ini. Apa yang menjadi keutamaan bagi mereka sekarang ini adalah kemenangan dalam pilihan raya ke-13. Kemenangan adalah lebih penting walau dengan menggadai akidah sekalipun


Nuffnang 2